Meet The Bark And Call Team

Elle McKenzie

Elle McKenzie has been an animal lover since the day she was born. She has grown up surrounded by all manner of pets, with a particular passion for those of the equine variety.


Elle has been riding for most of her life and owns several horses, she is a member of Gisborne & District Adult Riding Club and competes in all disciplines (Jack of all trades- master of none)! but particularly enjoys show-jumping. Her primary goal in riding is to be able to re-educate and give horses, particularly ex-racehorses a second chance.


Elle has several years experience working professionally in racing and show jumping stables and also on studs. She is currently in the process of completing her Diploma of Horse Breeding & Equine Performance Management with The National Centre for Equine Education. She also works as a volunteer for Equitana and was recently involved with the Racing Unit for the film 'Ride Like A Girl'.


Elle lives in Gisborne and is the mother of two boys, several horses, dogs, cats, poultry & fish. A few years ago she traded in her corporate suits for a good pair of boots and started 'Bark And Call' so she could do what really makes her happy- working with animals!


Evelyn Crawford

Evelyn is a competitive dressage rider and has several horses of her own. She too has re-homed and re-educated off the track racehorses, as well as competing on her Warmblood dressage horse, Whirrakee Masterclass' (Darcy).


She has worked in racing stables, has held her equine diploma so long it was called 'horse husbandry' back then and is a familiar face on the horse gate at Kyneton, Ballarat, Bendigo & Hanging Rock race meets.


Evelyn is an active committee member of Gisborne & District Adult Riding Cub.

Tara - Bark And Call's '2IC'

Tara is an Australian Kelpie born on 23rd March, 2010.


She graduated from Puppy School with honours and is very social.


Tara helps on most Bark & Call jobs (with clients permission) and is particularly skilled at playing with other dogs and rounding up chickens.


Her favourite hobby is playing with balls and sticks and she loves to run, swim and round things up. She is very busy in her role as 2IC at Bark And Call and at the end of a hard day loves to cuddle up with Mum and Dad on the couch.

Jack & William Goldsmith - Future CEO's

Jack & William (Billy) are well & truly part of the team at 'Bark & Call'. Like their parents, they have loved animals from the day they were born and have their own ponies called Merlin & Oska.


They are in charge of pats & cuddles here at 'Bark & Call', and take great pride in helping out.