Paddock Cleaning


At Bark And Call we offer two different options for manure removal- Manual or Paddock Vac. Both have their merits;


Manual Collection: The good old wheelbarrow and pooper scoop- is quick, easy & ideal for smaller yards which are picked up often and/or where the grass is fairly short.


Paddocks where the manure is scattered, has been left for a period of time, or paddocks which are large or contain long grass may be too time consuming for manual collection to be cost effective. This is when we bring in the big guns- The Paddock Vac!


The Paddock Vac is much quicker and can handle a larger quantity of manure per load (up to 4 barrow loads). It is also ideal for manure which is to be spread back on to lawn or pasture as it breaks down as it passes through the machine. We estimate the vac is around twice as quick as the manual method, plus emptying time. The Paddock Vac is most effective on flatter ground with short-moderate length grass. We need to be able to access a manure pile for dumping (the closer the better).

How awesome would it be to have Bark & Call come and do all this for you? Spend more time riding, or on more profitable activities like giving lessons, schooling horses or focusing on your breeding program instead of spending endless hours behind a wheelbarrow!