Rug Repairs & Revitalisation


At Your Buck & Call is proud to offer quality rug repairs. We use the best quality hardware and materials,

superior workmanship and professional care.

As each repair is different, quoting is customised for each job.

We can work within a limit or quote up front as required.

We can also offer Rug Cleaning & Weatherproofing

Flick through our gallery below to see some unbelievable 'before and after' shots!

Bark And Call Rug Revitalisation Options:


Rug Cleaning                                                      Machine wash                                                                        $15

                                                                             Pony rugs (5'3" & Under), Neck Rugs, Cottons                      $30

                                                                             All others                                                                                 $40

Weatherproofing                                                 (Includes Product)                                                                  

                                                                             1L                      $50

                                                                             2L                      $90

Pick up & Delivery Available                                                                                                                    75c p/km 

We will also continue to offer the following products for sale:


‘Ripsnorta’ Rug Weatherproofing System


This is the best weatherproofing product I have come across so far and I’ve tried a few! Simply paint on and that rug you were going to throw into the dog kennel is as good as new!  ...maybe even better?


‘Ripsnorta’ Rug Cleaning System


Simply mix with water, scrub on and hose off… no more clogging up the washing machine with horse hair… and no need to spend a fortune at the laundromat or worry about the expense of buying & running your own machine.


Pricing as follows:


DIY (Product Only)


200gm Cleaner

(10g makes up 1L of solution so should see you through about 20 rugs)                                                     $12.00


1L Weatherproofer                                                                                                                                         $34.95


5L Weatherproofer                                                                                                                                         $139.95


250g Repair Compound                                                                                                                                 $49.95



Rug Cleaning Before & After